Closer To Truth

In searching online the other day I came across an excellent resource called Closer To Truth.  There are tons of good videos on there to keep you occupied for hours watching experts in their fields talk about the big questions of life.  You can watch videos of episodes from the main page, or go to the participants link where you can see many videos of interviews with many experts in their fields.

There is a whole lot of science in these videos as well as a whole lot of theology and philosophy of religion.

I like it that the host Dr. Robert Lawrence Kuhn tries to remain as unbiased as he can and yet is open enough to reveal his biases at times.  I wish the focus wasn’t entirely on the more traditional view of deities.  While clearly underrepresented at least there are interviews with 2 Buddhists to give a slight out of the box view.  Things don’t get too much further out of the box than that but at least the idea of their being other possibilities than the traditional views sometimes comes up in the discussions.

I highly recommend these videos for those who are interested in learning more about the big questions of life.  At some point I will create a resources page and this will surely be added.  For now I will just add this website to my links list which is not very organized.

While I’m at it I want to give you a couple of other links which I am sure many of you are aware of and that I have used for quite a while now.  Luke Muehlhauser’s debates page is comprehensive and well indexed.  Also the DebateGod website has a bunch of great links to videos and podcasts on the subject.



4 thoughts on “Closer To Truth

  1. I’ve been following with great interest. Your link to Possibilianism was absolutely fascinating. It linked in with a couple of other things recently. I have included a link to it on my own blog – that I finished rewriting yesterday.

    Food for thought?

  2. Thanks for reading along Peter, and I’m glad the possibilian link was helpful to you. When I first saw the video on that website I thought that a lot of the points that Eagleman made lined up a lot with my own thoughts. It’s not that those points haven’t been expressed by others before, but he puts a bit more emphasis on open-mindedness and exploration (with the findings of science keeping us in check) than other atheists/agnostics have in the past.

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