Newtown, Connecticut

This blog post is difficult for me to write in several ways – first, I realize the difficult time that the families are going through right now and I want to remain respectful and sensitive to that.  Also, there are a whole host of emotions running through me still and It’s difficult for me to settle my mind and put things in words in that state.

Simple and plain, the school shooting is a horrific and immensely sad story and has been intensely heartbreaking for my wife and I, and I am sure many others can relate.

While in these posts I am delving into the underpinnings of morality and even comparing different theist approaches to different atheist approaches I know that many atheists and theists share in the sadness and abhorrence of events like these as well as the desire to work to eliminate these kinds of events from the world.  Our approaches and solutions may be different and that certainly makes it difficult for people to see the commonality, but it is at least worth noting, and I hope others take the time to see and think about this as well.  It certainly won’t solve things, but it may make the process just a little bit better.

My hope is that this will stir up more efforts among the experts in the related fields (sociology, psychology, etc.) to figure out the best ways for us to move forward and minimize these things in our lives.

This tragedy is front and center right now which makes sense.  I also realize that there are tragedies all the time and all over the world which cause great sadness and go unrecognized.


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