One Year Anniversary and Blogging Styles


Two days ago was the one year anniversary of my blog and it got me thinking about my whole experience as a blogger.  I was a lurker on religious blogs since the early days of blogging and a year ago I decided to jump in and start my own and also contribute comments to other blogs.  While there are times that I am so busy that I have no time for it, I feel there is no going back now after I’ve had such a good experience in blogging.


The funny thing is that when I started blogging I thought I was going to be like Spock and simply state things plainly without any emotion and always simply stick to the point objectively.  Boy was I way wrong!  What I realized very quickly was that the whole endeavor of blogging was an entirely human thing for me and that separating my humanity from it was simply not going to happen.

I enjoy a good quip here and there and don’t mind people throwing a few jabs at me every once in a while if it’s all in good fun.  But on the internet it’s sometimes hard to tell when something is truly just meant in jest or if the jab is really meant with some bitterness.  And I wouldn’t doubt there are some bloggers who simply love the whole game of it, but that’s just not my thing.  I’ve always had a “to each his own” kind of mentality so I’m totally cool with the fact that people have their own blogging styles and I’m still trying to find the right balance for my own.  My biggest values when it comes to blogging are that I am sincerely polite, completely honest, and get involved in genuine dialogue.  Disagreeing never bothers me as long as people are willing to simply agree to disagree and move on.  Like I said I don’t mind the banter at all, but it’s not what drives me.  What drives me is sharing my viewpoints and hoping that I learn things from others (and while I admit I am quite a bit opinionated and stubborn there are times when I do learn things that modify my perspective in small ways).

One tough thing on the internet is the lack of facial expressions, body language and voice intonations.  Without that it is very easy to be misunderstood and so in order to compensate for that there are times that I pour the politeness on a bit too much that it begins to look disingenuous.

[Removed a topic that got way too drawn out and boring]

It’s been a great year and I want to thank everyone that I’ve had the time to interact with!  Looking forward to much more.


10 thoughts on “One Year Anniversary and Blogging Styles

  1. Congrats on the one year anniversary! That’s a big milestone. I’m sure the internet is littered with tons of blogs that consist of one “Hello World” post, but have been so abandoned that the authors don’t even remember them anymore. I’ve really enjoyed all your posts and comments, and I look forward to reading many more. 🙂

  2. Thanks Nate! I have a long list of topics I want to blog about, but I just have to find the time, and more importantly avoid the writer’s block.

  3. Adding my congrats to your first full year of blogging!

    Re: expressing one’s self on the internet, you are totally correct that it’s super easy to be misunderstood. I’ve experienced a few ruffled feathers myself from unkleE’s comments, but I don’t think he does it intentionally. It’s just his style. Although I will say this, as often as he is called on it, perhaps it would benefit him to experiment with a different approach.

    I envy Nate for his very diplomatic way of putting things!

    Keep up the good work, Howie. It’s fascinating to learn where others are coming from in their approach to life and, especially, religion.

  4. I agree totally Nan, I definitely don’t think he does it intentionally. I think he just really pours it on strong because he believes what he writes so strongly. I’m debating re-editing this post to remove the stuff about him. I’ll wait another day on Unklee’s thoughts…. don’t want to make a scene of him. Thinking maybe it’s a bit too much.

  5. Pretty much have the complete same take as you! It can be challenging navigating everyone’s different blogging styles. I thought I’d try being completely factual too – but I’m a person with more than facts – so I just have to be okay when other things slip out too. But I do try to remain as objective and impartial as possible. I thought that way I couldn’t get in trouble, but apparently people take issue with my blogging style. Wow! You just can’t please everyone, can you! Everyone wants me to argue and defend and state my opinion, but I simply don’t care. I want to hear everyone else’s perspective and really understand the nitty gritty of it and not just the emotionally laced dialogue that has me more confused about what a person is trying to say.
    And I agree, there’s no going back from blogging once you try it!

  6. PC (can I call you that?),

    I’ve only perused a couple of your posts on your blog so far but it was very clear to me that you have a style that nobody should have a problem with, and if they do then the problem is with them. I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog and interacting after work today.

    I’ve learned to accept and even engage in the emotional dialogue because it’s part of our humanity, but I agree it usually throws me off from understanding the other person’s point of view.

    Thanks for commenting and following!


  7. PC is fine!
    Thanks for the feedback. I just don’t really do emotion. I tend to be skeptical of emotion and have no place for it – but I know others value it a great deal and not doing emotion doesn’t mean I don’t have emotions. So it’s something I have to continually work on.
    No worries, glad to have found your blog and another open-minded person.

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