Afterlife Debate This Week

This Wednesday (May 7th) there will be a debate called “Death is Not Final”.  It will be live streamed from New York City at 6:45pm Eastern Time from this link.

Participants are:

  1. Eben Alexander (For)
  2. Raymond Moody (For)
  3. Sean Carroll (Against)
  4. Steven Novella (Against)

This should be a very interesting debate, given that all of them are either scientists or medical doctors.  I am always open to listening to objective scientific reasons for any point of view even if they differ from my own current beliefs.  This particular topic is one I’d love to listen to because there doesn’t seem to be enough education to the layperson on this topic other than anecdotal stories.  While debates should always be just an introductory starting point to further research they are a great way to see both sides of an issue right away.

Oh, and by the way, I’m still working on that fine-tuning post I mentioned before.  I’m about 75% done with it.  If I don’t complete that post in this lifetime I’ll probably complete it in the next. 😉


21 thoughts on “Afterlife Debate This Week

  1. Wait, I never promised a review. 😉 I first have to actually complete posts that I have promised to write. I’m a bit behind.

  2. The debate was enjoyable, but I’m not sure I learned all that much. Most of what was said I’ve read before. The audio stream was glitchy and my kids kept interrupting so I’ll wait till a copy is online so I can try and view it again before doing a review. But there really wasn’t much in the debate that I think anyone here would have been surprised by. They judged the debate based on which side won over more of the audience (comparing post versus pre debate polls). The against side won the debate based on that. I thought Steven Novella did the best by far of the 4 of them mainly in content (and his presentation was very good as well).

  3. Hi Howie, I have had issues with my mouse, that it does a couple click often, which means that when I clicked follow on your blog a while back (when we were in debate with Brandon), it apparently did a double click and therefore it went back to “unfollow”. So now I know why I haven’t seen you in my reader. I’m so glad you mentioned on my blog that you had posted about this debate, otherwise I wouldn’t have noticed that I was no longer following your posts. You’re not the only person this has happened to. I need a new mouse.

    I will share here what I shared with you on my blog about this debate in the next comment.

  4. My followup comment when you alerted me of this debate on my blog.

    “Howie, my friend, thank you for the debate video. I just finished watching it. John Zande told me about the upcoming debate a couple of days ago but when I learned that Eben Alexander and Raymond Moody were arguing for it, my stomach turned. Alexander has little integrity, in my opinion, and I base that on his past — getting fired from hospitals due to unethical behavior (In two of those lawsuits, Alexander appears to have altered or falsified medical records to cover his incompetence.) This was before his illness. He apologized and blamed his lack of integrity on sleep deprivation and stress. So what he’s saying is that anyone who is sleep deprived and stressed is suspect of being unethical and lacking integrity. Basically what he’s saying is that every physician in the medical community should not be trusted.

    He also misquoted Carl Sagan. He has a book to sell. He has bills to pay because of malpractice lawsuits. Of course he’s going to argue in favor. He can’t be objective, and he certainly wasn’t in this debate. He was the worse person to argue for this case. Moody stated that he was going to argue “not from the realm of science but from the faculties of logic and reason”, which included critical thinking. WTF? Critical thinking should always include science. Both seem clueless as to what critical thinking actually entails. I was embarrassed for both of them as I listened to their side of the argument.

    So with that said, I’m going to write a post on this debate, on NDE’s, and include my own personal encounter with a near-death experience that happened in the late 90′s. I have read about NDE’s extensively and hopefully, objectively. Based on countless hours studying about the brain, about culture, having a background in neurotechnology, and my own NDE experience, I concur with Novella and Carroll.”

    “Howie, I consider myself fairly open-minded. If there is evidence, I’m not going to ignore it. But to date, I’ve not seen any significant evidence, and I believe that because I had the experience myself that my voice is important, too. I cannot, in good conscience, exploit death anxiety. Sure, I wanted to believe in heaven or an after life of pure bliss, joy and love. Who wouldn’t? I was even a Christian at the time I had this experience. But after nearly 15 years of researching this, and hoping that it was true, there is simply no evidence. There are way too many variables to take into consideration. I can now produce these experiences via neurotechnology.

    IMO, people are marketing death anxiety, and that leaves a stench in my nostrils.”

  5. I’m glad you’re following again Victoria! 🙂 That’s funny I didn’t even notice the typo, my brain filled in and read “double” the first time – I wouldn’t be surprised if you can describe the brain phenomena that does that. 😉

    Like I said on your blog I’m very much looking forward to your upcoming post on NDE’s given my interest in non-pseudo scientific investigations of them. I’m tempted to just link to your post once it’s done and be lazy and not do my own review, but I think I’ll also give my own attempt at a review anyways.

  6. LOL — considering that you have youngens to tend to, being lazy is a luxury, and I don’t blame you for taking advantage of it when you can. I, too, look forward to reading your review. I will try to get mine completed by Monday, but I can’t guarantee it, lol. I’ve got a several irons in the fire right now.


  7. Ah!! This sounds fascinating. I will have to attend to it in free time, then read your above post. 🙂

    Also, thank you for the follow. Will look forward to any thoughts you can share when time allows.

  8. Hey Nikeyo! Thank you for the follow as well. I read a couple of your posts and found it right up my alley. Looking forward to reading along with your blog.

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