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  1. Thank you very much – I really do try very hard to rise above bias but it’s damn near impossible. 🙂 In fact I admitted as much in this post. But that doesn’t mean I’ll give up on trying.

  2. “I cannot disprove the veridicality of religious experiences of my friends and others that I know, because I have not walked in their shoes and have not had their experiences, nor do I have the genetic makeup that they have.” This is EXCELLENT and is where I take up personal pseudo-religious beliefs. Furthermore, I will be taking an upper level course on James’ Varieties of Religious Experience, a book that I own and have read — can’t be more excited! Nice post

  3. Thanks again! Like I said in one of the comments on that post it really is a bit of a tough time to find the right balance with this approach – I mean obviously we all have our opinions and I’m not different. But all in all I thought my post at least got to the gist of the way I like to think about these things. As for myself I’m not really religious, but I don’t see the harm in entertaining possibilities as long as they don’t conflict with my core values of kindness and goodness towards others.

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