I Love Christian Music

I still love Christian music.  One of my all time favorites was “As the Deer” and I still get goose bumps when I sing it.  There are a lot of very beautiful Christian songs and that is one thing I miss about attending religious services.  You are free to read into that whatever you like, but keep in mind that there are also a lot of Jewish songs that move me deeply.  And frankly, songs like the following move me very deeply as well: Imagine (John Lennon), Oh Very Young (Cat Stevens in his days before converting to Islam), Peace Train (also Cat Stevens), and Cat’s in the Cradle (Harry Chapin).

Most of the time it’s the melodies that just end up hitting me in the right way, and sometimes it’s the message as well.  Cat’s in the Cradle has always hit me in both ways.  The message means quite a bit to me given that my relationship with my children and how I interact with them are very meaningful to me.

When I was a Christian I never got the impression that these kind of feelings that rose up inside of me were somehow proof of God’s existence, mainly because I was very aware of the fact that I was unable to distinguish between the feelings I got listening to Jewish, Christian or secular music.  I was a Christian for other reasons.  I do wonder however if there are Christians who do feel that this is another confirmation of their relationship with their God.  I also wouldn’t doubt that people of many different religions have these same types of confirmations of their relationship with their Gods.

I certainly can’t prove that these deep experiences in worship are not some function of one or more supernatural conscious entities that are interacting with humans.  Actually, I don’t understand why these beings can’t actually even be a part of our natural world.  Either way if they exist they seem to like to remain elusive and undetectable by the best objective methods that we have as humans.