Hello Blogging Friends,

It’s been a tough couple of months for me.  My mother passed away on July 14th, and I flew my father out to live in our city and I’ve been trying to get him settled at a place where they can properly care for someone with dementia.

My mother was an amazing woman.  Mere words are not capable of describing the amount of care and love she showered on all of her family.  She was an amazing role model, and many of the ways in which I raise my children come from her example, as well as my father’s.

Things have been very busy and it’s not clear right now how much time I’ll have for blogging.  I want to thank everyone who I’ve interacted with through blogging for a great experience, and I hope I can find time in the future to get back in the groove.


32 thoughts on “Transitions

  1. Oh Howie, my deepest condolences to you and your family. I really appreciate that you took the time to let us know what was up. You’ve been in my thoughts and have sorely missed around here.


  2. Sorry to hear of your loss Howie.

    I think long breaks from blogs can be a good thing. I’m enjoying one myself right now. I noticed Nate is taking one too. I suspect the urge to delve into deep topics will come again, but right now I’m just not feeling it.

  3. Thank you so much for the kind words Hariod. If I inherited half of my mother’s traits then I’d be doing pretty damn well.

    Thank you for the link to the book. I read the reviews and just ordered it.

  4. Wishing you all the best, Howie, as you grieve for your mom and take care of your dad.
    I look forward to your return here, whenever that is.

  5. Howie, I’m very sorry for your loss and travails. I lost my mother years ago and still remember the searing separation. I can’t imagine how difficult it is to take care of a parent you once depended on. Best of luck.

    Hope to see you back soon!

  6. Thank you Mike (SAP). Yeah, that change in dependency is a tough one. I’m glad my father has maintained a pretty positive attitude about it so far. He had been dependent on my mother for several years now. While the majority of his memories have faded quite a bit, luckily he’s still somewhat coherent. He loves watching my daughter’s soccer games and can sometimes even keep track of the score. There are good and bad days.

  7. Howie, how are things going? How has your Dad settled? How are you traveling yourself?
    Been thinking of you.

  8. Hi JJ. Thank you so much for checking in. My dad has been doing well in his new apartment. He’s got his ups and downs but most of the time he’s in good spirits.

    It’s been a weird few months for my family. A couple of months after my mother passed away, my wife’s father passed away out of the blue. He was relatively young and very healthy so it was completely unexpected. Both of his parents are still alive, he mowed his own lawn, and he walked many miles with us at an amusement park just a few months before. My wife has been struggling a lot but she’s a very strong and positive minded woman so she’s slowly recovering from the shock and grief. I miss my father in law as well. He was one of the nicest men I have met, and he shared my interest in philosophy and religious questions. The kids express sadness every once in a while but overall they’ve been ok.

    I can’t seem to get back into blogging. I’ve commented very sparsely a couple of times and I’ve even written outlines of posts which are only drafts at this point. We’re taking a trip in a few weeks to visit my mother’s gravesite. I’m not sure how that’s going to go, but it’s something I want to do because I feel it may help me focus more on the reality of it all.

  9. You were on my mind recently so just wanted to pop back in and say I hope things are going ok for you, and your wife after such a rough time. No need to respond. Take care.

  10. Hi JJ. Thanks for checking in. We’ve recovered a bit from all the recent loss in our lives. I appreciate all the well wishes! I hope all is well with you also.

  11. Just checking in with you to see how you’re doing. Hadn’t seen you about, but I know you’re busy and things have changed drastically over these last months. Hope you are well.


  12. Hi Ruth. Thanks for checking in! Things have been going well this year other than being way too busy at work. I’ve missed my blogging friends and I have a post written that I’ve been wanting to publish but been procrastinating. I hope you’ve been well also.

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